3 Types of Traders

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There are 3 types of traders in the traders life cycle.

1 – The Sheep: These are the people that keep the money flowing. The sheep are the ones who follow any tip from tweets or posts and change their money habits because of it.

2 – The Sheep Dogs: These are the people who heard the sheep to the stocks in which they want to control. They control stock news through social media that influence movement in the markets up and down.

3 – Wolves: These are the hedge funds, the institutions, and the investment rogues who have trained themselves to cancel out the white noise. They know the news before you do because they make it. The wolves have the resources, the contacts and the right tips to see where a market is going. 7 out of 10 times those predictions are correct, but sometimes even this smart rare breed falls asleep and is subject to prey. We all remember 2008 and the housing crisis. Some things can’t be predicted.

FrostGate is a wolf. This does not mean we are liable to always be correct, but we will try our best to be on the right side of the investment news to keep you, an investor, above the curve.

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