Trudeau’s Canada

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In recent news in Canada, Justin Trudeau is returning to parliament with an unstable minority government after squeaking out a close victory over conservative leader Andrew Scheer. There is a deepening divide between his supporters; photos have surfaced of Trudeau with blackface painted on at a party in the early 2000s. On the other side, leader of Canada’s conservative party, Andrew Scheer, was able gain significant voter confidence as people drift away from Trudeau.

            The political landscape in Canada has of late drawn many similar parallels to the American political arena. Where Trudeau was able to hang onto his role of Prime Minister by a slim margin, there is growing distaste for candidates. Many voters cited that Trudeau was better than a “paleoconservative in centrist’s clothing” (Scheer). Though Scheer will stay on the Conservative Party, we are beginning to see a shift towards the American political landscape where mass media is dominating the discourse between politicians. This role the media plays leaves voters often confused or viewing candidates in lights that do not reflect their broader political goals.

            Many of the media outlets here in the United States often say the United State should look at Canada as a model of a strong democracy; however, the more we analyze the relationship between the media and its portrayals of candidates, the more we see the similarities. We will have to wait and see how Trudeau holds up in his second term.

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